We take pride in the products and services that we offer.

Our selection of manufacturers and products were chosen after careful consideration. Our product offerings are high quality. We provide our clients with a vast range of styles and features along with state of the art finishes. You have limitless options when it comes to customization.

Come in and enjoy a first-hand experience of our extensive collection of custom cabinetry and walk away feeling impressed. From country to contemporary, traditional to modern–the home of your dreams can become a reality with Urban Homes.

Aster Cucine is one of the leading manufactures of innovative kitchen cabinets in Europe. Aster Cucine puts painstaking care in producing top quality products. A network of highly qualified and professional staff design all of Aster’s projects. Established in 1983 in Pesaro, Italy, Aster Cucine is today a dynamic Italian kitchen manufacturer, always ready to interpret and integrate up and coming trends. However, they always stay true to timeless style. They are recognized for quality manufacturing, advanced technologies, and high-design of kitchen cabinets. Their cabinet collections include traditional, transitional, contemporary & modern kitchen cabinets.

Wood Mode

Custom-crafted Wood-Mode cabinetry is much more than a product. It is an experience, one that continues through a lifetime of loving your fine, custom cabinetry. It is also a partnership between you, Wood-Mode, and the designers at Urban Homes. The only limit is imagination. Of course, this experience would not be possible without the Wood-Mode product. Over the course of their 70-year history, Wood-Mode has built a reputation for fashion-forward designs, superior quality, fine craftsmanship, and a dedication to protecting the environment. Explore all these areas and learn why owning a custom-crafted Wood-Mode kitchen is an experience like no other.