Grand Street

LocationNew York, NY

Their lovely lair tucked tidily amid Manhattan’s trendy Lower East Side, this small family is enamored of entertaining. Their culinary quandary? Boxed-in by four walls, the claustrophobic kitchen made navigation near impossible. To give them some breathing room while breathing new life into their lethargic layout, the homeowners hired  Urban Homes. After some considered planning, Urban homes  accomplished their objectives in spades. The designers gutted the existing room, a move that enabled them to tie the new kitchen to the living and dining areas. The result is a unified space characterized by clean lines and smooth continuity. They punched up the cohesive ante even more so via their choice of three-quarter-inch-thick Caesarstone Blizzard counters, which continue along the perimeter of the cabinetry and descend to the floor. Also, the contrasting two-toned Aster Cucine cabinetry—walnut and white high-gloss lacquer—add a distinctively retro-esque riff that accompanies the aesthetic used throughout the rest of the home. And the minimal application of grout-work in the oversized tile backsplash helps round out the seamless assembly. The result: a chic-and-serviceable gourmet’s delight perfectly befitting of its fashionable Big Apple locale.