Art in the Suburbs

LocationRye, New York

This Rye, NY family kept a full house with a family of five and a steady entertaining schedule. Without the space and style they desired, it was natural that it was prepped for a complete overhaul with Urban Homes. The couple’s goal for the remodel was to create a multi-functional kitchen Рcooking, entertaining, home-work center, eat Рyou name it, all in an artistic contemporary setting.

An addition expanded the footprint. Then, opening the space to the family room, dining room, and patio granted the all-encompassing aesthetic requested by the couple. As a way to fulfill the various needs, the island features a large surface for prep work, an integrated table for dining, open shelving for storage, and concealed charging stations for phones and other electronics. A computer desk with floating shelves and a concealed printer and router provide further functionality to the room. Style wise, clean-lined custom cabinets conceal small countertop appliances to maintain a sleek appearance and uncluttered counters.

Various materials and textures as well as dashes of red accessories add interest to the overall neutral color palette. The effect of all these elements: a modern mix of both materials and functions. Learn more about this designer at Urban Homes Inc.