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Designer: Lorenzo Granocchia

‘Work in process’ is how we like to define our Factory mood. Think of this as an atelier teeming with ideas, cross-contaminations of different styles and materials. Steel and wood. Corten weathered steel and gloss lacquered finishes? The Factory mood is all about breaking rules for people who don’t just want to tow the line. It’s about taking a stand for non-conformists, with the accent on standing out from the ordinary. Eclectic, transgressive, unique. The design speaks a language of its own, one with words to describe forms. Forms are our material. Material that has a history and story of its own to tell. Factory rewrites each form, rewriting the rules, redesigning each and every space. The Factory is a postmodern take on large unused spaces. A contemporary answer to today’s li¬ving interiors, re-writing and re-purposing old abandoned urban spaces. The roots and origins of the materials used for this collection make Factory a ‘transitional’ space, one that at once carries the echoes of times past while projec¬ting visions of the future, a future that is conti¬nually evolving.
The Factory is a space that opens your mind, reigniting the desire to transform your living areas, changing pace. Factory cre¬ates discontinuity, desire, innovation. Making your choices all about what you want. Factory rewrites geometry, proportion, and symme¬try. Factory changes the rules, giving you so¬mething both unique and truly wonderful.